Yoga Gangsters

 As the popularity of this ancient practice continues to explode in the western world, we know yoga is so much more than flexibility of the asana and stillness of the spirit. It’s about healing, empowering and connection! The Florida based national non-profit, Yoga Gangsters are spreading this message across the country with active programmes in 10 states, and reaching close to 7000 kids!
 Yoga Gangsters (YG) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to empower youth by addressing the symptoms of trauma using the practice of yoga. YG delivers 6-week yoga programmes for such centres as homeless shelters, foster homes, jails, inner-city schools, rehabs and advocate centres. Yoga Gangsters certified trauma informed volunteers use an urban flavoured yoga practice as a tool to teach at-risk populations self-awareness, self-respect and self-control. 

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 “The lives of many of our kids and youth are touched by a combination of poverty, violence, neglect, substance abuse, disinterested teachers and school administrators. When an organisation like Yoga Gangsters comes in and leads kids through asanas and meditations with the spirit of joy and positivity it inspires growth in ways that the kids have never before experienced. And Yoga Gangsters have opened up interest in yoga – an activity that benefits the body, develops the mind and focuses on the spirit”, says Laurie Kahn, Branches South Miami Programme Manager. 

 Yoga Gangsters Programmes are continuing to pop up all over the country and are supported solely by the generosity of the yoga community and like-minded supporters. To become a trauma informed YG volunteer, check out the website for the next training in your area and look for local fundraising events to support the continued efforts of this empowering movement.

 Are you Gangster enough to be part of the YG Movement? 

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