Yoga goes back to basics = Breath + Alignment

So many times these days we hear phrases like the teacher’s teacher, making it hard to know when it’s true – but San Francisco based Richard Rosen is the real deal. Ask any of the world’s most respected teachers including Rodney Yee, Anna Ashby, Annie Carpenter and Jason Crandell to mention a few. Why? His ability to translate his scholarly knowledge of yoga practice into something fluid and accessible while also being intellectually engaging and immediately relevant, is incredible.

Richard is the author of five best-selling books including the much loved The Yoga of Breath: A step-by-step Guide to Pranayama, Pranayama: beyond the fundamentals and his forthcoming and recent book Yoga FAQ: Almost Everything You Need to Know About Yoga from Asana to Yama.

Richard is unmissable for anyone who loves yoga or wants to deepen their practice. Expect classes to be full of passion and humour while also being disciplined and thorough. He is perhaps one of the most influential teachers of our time and yet maintains a humility manner that inspire people to keep on learning and enhancing their yoga practice whatever their ability. The workshops will take you back to basics focusing on alignment, posture and inversions.

Join Richard Rosen’s workshops 3rd – 9th July at triyoga Camden.

The workshops:

Pranayama Intensive – The transformation of breath, 3rd – 5th July
A 15 hour intensive breath workshop for those who have already established a basic regular breathing practice. You will learn why proper sitting is so important for breathing and meditation, and the two modern foundation breaths Conqueror (Ujjayi) and Against the grain (Viloma). Expect hand on adjustments and breathing observations.

Yoga FAQ: Almost Everything you need to know about yoga from Asanas to Yama’s, 6th July
A discussion based workshop where you get to discuss and delve into the world of forgotten Asana’s, drawn from a variety of old Hatha texts. You will get to try out ancient poses including the pestle, the potter’s wheel and the heat poses.

triyoga quiz night, 7th July
To celebrate Richard’s new book FAQ – Almost everything you need to know about yoga from Asana to Yama, triyoga are hosting their first ever yoga quiz night. Expect a light hearted evening of fun where Richard will test your knowledge of all things yoga from Asana to Yama’s. Earnings from the evening will go to support sufferers of Parkinson disease.

Principles of alignment, 8th July
Learn how to apply principles of physical alignment of the standing poses. The Iyengar system assumes that the 20 standing poses are at the heart of this style of practice. Expect to work intensely both physically and mentally.

Introduction to Inversions + Controversy 8th July
Inversions can be challenging. During these workshops, you will be taught how to safely carry out a range of inversions either in a traditional way or with the support of various props. This is suitable for yoga practitioners who have at least attended regular yoga classes and for teachers. Expect to learn the safe way to perform a shoulder stand and carry out a safe headstand.

Grown up backbends, 9th July
Many people struggle with backbends and this is completely normal. If you are not sure how to begin or how to progress, this workshop is dedicated to help you do backbends with ease. Even if you go away not being able to do backbends, you will go away with the right tools to progress.

About Richard Rosen

Richard Rosen began his practice of yoga in 1980, and graduated from the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco in 1985. Richard is the author of five books on yoga, and has written over 300 book and video reviews for Yoga Journal and various other magazines. He’s also the President of the Yoga Dana Foundation board, which grants funds to Bay Area yoga teachers working in underserved communities. For more information, go to his website at

For further information contact Georgie at Blossom Consulting on 0208 446 7051 or [email protected]

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