December 8, 2023
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Words: Kat Byles

Business is hurtling in the wrong direction. We know this. And it has to change. It is increasingly clear that leading with profit, ahead of everything else, separates us from our true selves and from nature; and it hurts. It hurts when US politicians put gun sales and NRA payouts before the lives of children massacred in schools. It hurts when water companies pollute the UK’s rivers and seas with sewage, killing wildlife, and making people sick. It hurts when your soul slowly dies when you are in a job that you hate but you stay to pay the mortgage and feed your family.

In these moments we are misaligned with our true nature and purpose. We are separate from Source: the universal energy that delights in creating the moon, stars, forests, and oceans. When we are separate from our higher consciousness, we make decisions led by ego-driven agendas that result in win-lose outcomes. The choice to push past safety concerns to meet deadlines and budgets caused death, environmental disaster, and a $60 billion dollar bill – BP’s Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill. The decision and drive to meet manufactured timelines burnt out a whole team so they can’t work for a year – Toy Story 2, Pixar. Cut off from Source, or universal energy, we struggle against our nature, working hard to chase ambition, financial targets, promotions, recognition and goals. We become sick; depression, stress, and anxiety set in.

Yoga offers us a way of being that unites us with Source, with our creative consciousness. Asanas are yoga postures that facilitate a union of our body, mind and spirit. By bringing yoga off the mat and into our business, we have a way of uniting with Source, universal energy, and a way of being in harmony with both mother nature and our own true nature. When you take consistent business action inspired by your heart’s wisdom, you build structures that nourish and support you to thrive. Your business becomes a vehicle for the expression of universal intelligence. You create win-win outcomes. Working with the biggest names in sports as a global change-maker with a big mission and purpose, and working 100-hour week, I burned out. My health, relationships, and happiness were driven into the ground. I listened to my heart’s wisdom
and followed it to Antigua. Here I floated in the turquoise Caribbean Sea, walked barefoot on the white sand, ate ripe, juicy mangoes from the tree, and fell into a rhythm with nature. This immersion in nature restored my wellness. Then it began feeding me with inspiration for True Business – a way of being in business in harmony with our true, higher nature and creative consciousness.

So how can you avoid burning out by bringing the principles of yoga into your business? There are three key steps: connection, alignment, and skillful action.

Step 1. Connection
Start by connecting with your heart’s wisdom and learning to listen to what it has to tell you. You can do this through meditation, or by being in nature— perhaps swimming in the ocean, or walking in the forest—or by journaling, painting, dancing, breath work, movement, or playing with your children or pets. Find your preferred way.

Step 2. Alignment
Now listen to your heart’s wisdom to build a practical business structure that is completely aligned with who you are and what you came here to do. Listen to your heart’s wisdom to receive your purpose, and to discover your audience – the people your purpose naturally serves. What is the one thing you want to say to them, from your heart to theirs? What is your message? Where are you showing up to meet them and provide value?

Step 3. Action
This gives you a clear pathway, which is unique and true to you. You are ready to take action that will take you forward in the right direction enabling you to fulfil your purpose and bring you joy. Any action taken without attachment to outcome becomes skilful action, also called Karma Yoga. This opens a flow of opportunities that are a match for you and your business. What was previously challenging becomes inevitable.

Transformation from the Heart leading the way

As I began sharing True Business with other creative visionaries, leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, artists, coaches and consultants, they also experienced this inspiration, liberation, and fulfilment. Plant-based chef and founder of The Mindful Kitchen, Bex Shindler, was fearful of failing in business, leaving her stuck and unable to move forwards. Finally, she listened to her heart’s wisdom and opened up to the joy of alignment with her purpose and message. This gave her the courage to consistently show up and teach plant-based cooking to others via Facebook. This experience of alignment is a very different one from the frozen fear of failing. She said: “I feel so grateful for exactly where I am. For creating the path of my dreams, the life I want, for being in flow and aligned with my heart’s true purpose. I can feel the life force running through my veins. So connected with Source and at peace. I have everything I need in this moment.”

Nine months later she became the chef for the Black Eyed Peas on their music retreat, who thanked her for her creativity and love in the food which had served their creativity. She produced a plant-based recipe book and was fully booked for a season of Ibiza retreats sharing compassionate food for a compassionate world. Simon Haas, yoga philosopher and author, was seeking book reviews and articles, to sell more copies of ‘The Book of Dharma, making enlightened choices and Yoga and the Dark night of the Soul, a sacred journey to love’. Simon is an introvert, a scholar, and a writer so writing articles is an obvious logical call. However, his heart’s wisdom shared a vision and pathway to becoming an international speaker and reaching his soul family with ancient wisdom for the modern world. Honouring his heart’s wisdom and dharma he said yes. Simon set off on a three-month, 12 location UK speaking tour. Invitations to speak in Holland, France, Lithuania followed. Two years later Simon was invited to speak at the United Nations International Day of Yoga in New York, followed by a yoga festival for thousands in Mexico. Simon was living his heart’s vision and dharma.

5 Yoga Poses for Business

To help you create connection, find alignment, and take action, here are five yoga poses I use myself and recommend for different aspects of the business.

Mountain Pose or Tadasana

Goddess Pose or Utkata Konasana

Warrior 2 Pose or Virabhadrasana II

Tree Pose or Vrksasana

Corpse Pose or Shavasana

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