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Have you ever found that you can’t sleep for a few nights in a row or feel overly emotional, exhausted or filled with the need to make big changes and start something completely new for no apparent reason? Chances are that you are tuning into the magical energetic cycles of the moon without even knowing it. The moon is our closest celestial neighbour and has a powerful influence over every living thing on our planet, exerting two and a half times the gravitational pull of the sun. Many of us feel this powerful effect without realising; it always amazes me how many inspirational positive vibes seem to be around when the new moon arrives.

We can learn a lot from the moon and her ever changing cycles, and in turn tune into her energies to help us to continue flowing within the ‘circle of life’. Using the moons energies to release and let go allows us to create the space for new beginnings and amazing opportunities, ensuring that we continue growing and moving forwards rather than staying stuck and allowing things to hold us back.

The full moon is a time of fullness, completion, endings, and letting go. The light of the full moon helps illuminate those things that are holding us back and preventing us from moving forwards in life. By becoming aware of the things that are blocking us and holding us back we are able to work on letting them go so we no longer feel as stuck. We can use the two week period of the waning moon (becoming smaller) to continue letting go and affirming our willingness to release any obstacles to happiness.

This clearing period creates space for opportunities to blossom when the new moon arrives and brings with it the opportunity for new beginnings and new directions. We use the new moon energy to identify what it is that we truly want in our life and start to plant the seeds of growth. During the two weeks of the waxing moon (growing larger) we continue to add energy to the intentions and goals we have set, and take any action that we can to help make our dreams a reality.

The Full Moon then arrives once again, which gives us the opportunity to let go of anything which may be standing in the way of manifesting our goals and dreams – and so the cycle starts again!

Practicing Yoga brings us much closer to and more in tune with not only our own rhythms and cycles but also those of nature, and like all things of a watery nature (humans are approximatley 60% water) we are affected by the phases of the moon. By honouring and attuning to natures cycles we can not only live in greater harmony but also take advantage of the extra energies available to us during certain times.

Our practice becomes even more magical when we practice with the energies of the moon, tuning into that Universal energy and wisdom that’s available to us at those times. A deeply releasing practice around the full moon helps us to completely let go – in body, heart and mind – of all that is keeping us stuck and holding us back. The new moons energies are the ideal time to do an energising, creative practice filled with the intentions of all we want to manifest to help them along their way.

About the Author
Kirsty Gallagher will be teaching a Full Moon Workshop at the British Yoga Festival on Sunday 7th of December from 10.30am – 12.00pm.

Using the energies of the Full Moon our aim with this workshop will be to cleanse, release and let go. We will look inwards to identify any issues which may be holding us back in both our practice and daily life. Following a grounding meditation we will continue to move through a deeply releasing practice, focusing on letting go in both body and mind. We will finish the workshop with a chakra clearing and releasing meditation. Buy tickets.

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