Yoga Sequence



This awakening sequence is designed to integrate visualization  techniques with the asanas. A divine collaboration between mind and body to re-educate your pivotal core beliefs that will restore, recalibrate and energize your beautiful female  wild self. To all the women who are depleted but have to keep going; who seem strong but are actually breaking, who are divine but lost touch with sensuality.

Mountain Pose

Start by standing with the feet together with the spine long,  chin slightly tucked into the chest and raise the arms above the head with your hands in prayer pose. Close your eyes and connect to your breathing and inner vision. Stand in your most regal form and take your inner focus to your body ,your curves, your fluidity every part of   you and scan the connection between your feet and the
ground. Now picture a spiraling of energy wider than the  body itself travelling upwards through the legs, pelvis, upper body, to the crown. Take this energy and keep spiraling it up beyond the tips of the finger. Noe sense the spine and picture its skeletal form, the muscles and the nerves around it. Now feel the energy and attitude…… how you sit and stand and present yourself to the world.
strong, stable, beautifully aligned and long with the crown to the sky and the tail to the ground. Tall and regal. Your structure, your health. Now as you stand tall, sweep down from crown to tail with a vision of lightness and healthiness going through the neck, your shoulder blades down into the waistline and your lower back right down into the ground.

Now picture your breasts with full attention  to the nipples. When your nipples and chest are droopy and down, then the energy is low. If the chest is too proud and your nipples are facing upwards, there is distortion and ego. Your nipples face front and you are neutral.
This is the reflection of how you choreograph your life; your attitude; your approach. Go to the center of the body in your mind’s eye and place the sun with the most beautiful rays emanating and growing. Be aligned with this charming centre. Gently lift your ribs away from the hips, pin the shoulders down into the waistline, elongate the space between the ears and the shoulders and picture your chest full of grace and greatness, Totally reflecting the godliness  in you.

Goddess Posse

From Mountain pose take a wide stance with the feet, rotate the legs from the hips until the feet are in a comfortable turned out position. Align the hips, knees ankles and toes in one so the energyY flows. Resist the temptation to over rotate the feet as this can cause strain on the upper joints. Now keeping the energy upwards within the spine, draw the upper body up as you lower the legs into the pose. The legs need to be wide enough, so your knees are in line with the ankles. Keep the tailbone facing the ground and the crown to the sky. Take the chin slightly down, place the hands too the heart and your inner vision on the pelvis. Hold the pose for as many breaths as you can with no force or ambition. Having your full focus on your breathing will allow the mind to release allowing the body to open up and let go of any stagnation. This is the awakening of the lower chakras, the pelvis, your sacredness.

What you hold in your hips is the enormous sensual power to procreate. If the physical body can create human life, just Visualize how phenomenal your energy can be. How you move, circle and ripple the pelvis reflects on the enormity, openness and fluidity in how you manifest and flow with life

Return to standing with the feet together, this time  softening the knees. Take the arms to a parallel line with the ground and wrap them around you, hugging yourself like no one else has ever done.

Close your eyes, lower the head and really go inwards embracing and honoring yourself, your life and your journey so far. This is love, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness that you need to show to yourself daily. The upper back shoulder joints and shoulder blades are slightly rounded forward in full hold of the heart area. Then from being in total connection with yourself, prepare to fly opens the arms like they are eagle wings, slightly hyperextending the ribs and the spine, keeping your shoulders down and very  calm, present the head back with full awareness of the tenderness of the neck. Now feel the expansion of your chest, your heart and your ability to release  anything that does not serve you. You can repeat as many times as you wish. Then return to a neutral standing pose with hands to your heart in full gratitude of your ability to be here in heart, body, mind and soul.


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