Yoga Story

Bom in Galway on the Irish Coast and christened Daniel, my mother and I moved to England when I 1H was just two to begin a new life, leaving behind my father whose history of mental health problems sadly prevented us from remaining together.

The education system was frequently challenged by my energy levels, though on the upside I was gifted with a high IQ and my academic ability secured a place at Grammar School. By the age of 12 struggling to fit into my new school environment, 1 was diagnosed with ADHD, medicated with Ritalin and undergoing therapy. Devastation hit when lost my place due to the extremes of my behavior.

Life was never to be the same again. Anger issues depression, self-harm and a suicide attempt resuled in being admitted to a Psychiatric Hospital. This year that I lost during a most poignant time on so many levels was spent medicated restrained and vulnerable. At the tender age of 13, broken from the experience and with further school failures gradually fell in to a life of gangs, crime, drugs and alcohol By 19 my existence felt hopeless and I was in trouble with the law

I ran to Spain hoping for change, though my career as a professional DN only fuelled my alcohol and substance abuse, driven by deep psychological is- sues and a chemical imbalance. Five years on and my life was yet again in ruins and several suicide attempts forced me to return home to the UK.

My life was hellish; I was riddled with hallucinations, hearing voices and my thoughts tortured me, constantly driving me to escape by any means.

At 27 and on death’s door, but also in the loving. unwavering and continuing care of my Mother, I was blessed to have the most amazing spiritual energetic and Visual experiences. Desperate for change I started a Kundalini yoga practice and knew it contained everything that I needed: the mantras, the exercises and powerful, transformative meditation.

Entering deep into solitary confinement, was re born Kamari I joined I sky yoga teacher-training course where fate led rme into the arms of Manvir. This beatiful manifestation of destiny unfolded into a union of love and transformation.

Manvir grew up in rural Lincolnshire where her life at home was often troubled, so Manvir’s musical life offered a much-needed release. Excelling at music, by age 17 Manvir was playing the French home to a professional standard worldwide leading to a scholarship at Trinity College of Music London.

After college, she spent 10-years teaching music within challenging schools, recognizing that her new passion was working with children with emotional and behavioral issues. The alternative approach was her way, be it music, dance yoga or nutrition. For Manvir there is always an alterative to pharmaceutical medication.

Sadly, a line of broken relationships and a challenging Workload took its toll Suffering alcohol dependence. ding in turn to a cannabis habit, Manvir  inevitably suffered a nervous breakdown. Whilst still in the throws of despair, both mentally and physically depleted, and  now pregnant. Marvir was inspired to change, embracing a healthy diet and a practice of Kundalini yoga.

Amitai, her beautiful baby boy is quite literally her angel of truth. Manvir, Amitai and myself currently live in Lincolnshire. We have set up a record- ing studio and record label. We have combined Our musical experience and have produced three mantra dance albums to date with our latest album featuring Russell Brand. We have toured Europe performing over the last three years, conscious, sober and proud.

It is nothing short of a miracle to have overcome Such darkness and be in a position to not only share our story, but also to share the healing and transformational vibration of sacred sound.

What an honor to have integrated within and have facilitated further the expansion of a word wide sonorous community, inviting the beautiful devine essence of the soul to reconnect in love, truth and grace.

Sat Nam

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