The new workout fusion – combination of Yoga and Boxing.
I was fortunate enough to be put through my paces by the founders Chris Baugh and Will Wheeler, both very experienced in their respective areas of expertise boxing and yoga.

The class starts with yoga, creating mind, body connection, and allowing you to relax in Savasana (always love a Savasana). Followed by a high intensity, fat-burning training. We were taught boxing fitness, footwork techniques as well sparring and trading punches with our partners.  Creating a fun, hot and sweaty environment. I found myself laughing and really getting into the boxing.

I felt like I was at strictly come boxing – whilst you bob and weave around the room with your partner. Finally the restorative, physical and emotional benefits of yoga practice to end the class.

YogaBox classes calm and improve mental focus, during a 60-minute class and this is certainly what I achieved in a luxurious and friendly environment.

What I particularly liked was that I was able learn boxing techniques.  Together with the interaction element of the class creating a sense of union and connection. I was certainly pushed to my limits and was taken out of my comfort zone, when it came to high intensity part of the class, which is a good thing.   The workout highlighted that I need more HIIT as part of my exercise routine and this will provide me with the ideal way to achieve it. With my first love “yoga’ being part of the session. What more could a yogi want?

Here’s what my partner Flora thought:

“Really enjoyed the worked out.  Great combination of HIIT, which is exhausting and then boxing, which once you get the hang of it, is really fun. Once you get the sparring – you want to go for it… And then the yoga calms you down at the End. GOOD WORK OUT!!!”

This truly unique and well-balanced workout is perfect for those who are time poor, ensuring they sweat and stretch like never before, while providing an unbeatable workout for body and mind. ‘Aptly called the Ying and Yang of workouts’.

You will train from the perspective of both YogaBox coaches – which for me worked very well and provided an enjoyable experience. With two coaches in the room everyone was able to get more of their attention. Together they create a boutique class with the numbers capped at 14.

YogaBox was created under the watchful eyes of founders Chris Baugh and Will Wheeler who envisioned that combining yoga and boxing could provide the ultimate workout and recovery in one session.


Chris Baugh is the professional boxer behind YogaBox. He graduated from LSE and had a promising career before deciding to change his life and pursue his dream of boxing professionally in 2012. Chris practised Chinese Martial Arts from the age of 6 and then took up freestyle kickboxing at 15, before converting to boxing at 19 years old. Now an undefeated professional with a 75% knockout ratio, Chris’ whole life revolves around boxing; coaching, training and fighting. Having spent a total of 21 years in combat sports and physical conditioning, Chris saw YogaBox as a brilliant opportunity to create an innovative new work out.

“When I started practising yoga I realised there was a whole other set of physical needs I’d been neglecting in my own approach, and started using yoga based stretching and postures with my clients,” said Chris.

Will Wheeler, who is behind the yogic element of YogaBox, discovered his calling whilst training as an actor and went on to become a hot yoga instructor with yogahaven. He has a deep and profound knowledge of yoga after training for several years in both London and Morocco, and has been qualified as a yoga teacher for 3 years. His recent yoga endeavours have taken him to Bali and India where he trained in Ayurveda. Will has a strong belief in the combined benefits of yoga and boxing and continues to learn the ‘sweet science’ with his fellow YogaBox founder.

YogaBox classes from £15 per class for a 60 minute session. Please visit to book online.

All equipment is provided so all you need is to be ready to punch, stretch and have fun.  All you need to do is to bring yourself.

Credits:  Donna Noble

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