1,500 visitors, 30 national and international teachers, 80 (master)classes

The first edition of YogaFest Amsterdam that will enthusiastically unite body, heart and mind will take place on 6 & 7 June 2015 at the Houthavens. In between the renewed office blocks with a view of the IJ river, some 1,500 novice or expert yogis and yoginis will attend 80 yoga, meditation, music, food and wellness (master)classes provided by 30 leading national and international teachers.

Poster_YogaFestYogaFest Amsterdam is aligned with society’s development and needs. Increased consciousness, room to calm down, to counterbalance the growing pressure and the need for a healthier life and movement. Yoga and meditation have proven that they can play a major role in this as is confirmed by a rising number of studies at various universities.

It’s no surprise that yoga is the fastest growing lifestyle and movement form at the moment with 600,000 yoga lovers in the Netherlands alone. Moreover, Amsterdam occupies a special place with its prominent national and international teachers, and the various renowned yoga schools. This is reflected at YogaFest Amsterdam with its exceptionally high-end line-up of teachers from Amsterdam the UK and France, and the wide range of yoga styles on offer. From astanga, Iyengar, kundalini, jivamukti, yin, acro yoga, vinyasa flow, hatha, hotpod, aerial yoga, yin yang to chakra and various forms of meditation and breathing techniques.

General Programme

Workshops on yoga, meditation, music and food will be provided in four different tents. The latter will be made from organic products supplied by Ekoplaza and will led by Kyra de Vreeze and Kyrin Hall. The festival site will also be home to the hotpod yoga tent and the outdoor structure where aerial yoga will be demonstrated. It will feature a shopping lane where visitors can purchase yoga clothing, books and other products in addition to travel and superfoods. Adjacent to this will be the tent where the beauty/personal care workshops will be given by a therapist of Dr. Hauschka. Karim, Dr. Hauschka’s international make-up artist will be given personal make-up advise.

(Master) classes

During the weekend, a variety of English and Dutch-spoken classes lasting between 1.5 and 3 hours will be given for both beginner and advanced students by the following people: Katiza Satya (Delight Yoga), Johan Noorloos (de Nieuwe Yoga School), Andreas Trussat (Andreas Trussat Yoga), Anat Geiger, Eva Ugolini (Delight Yoga), Dorrith Beijnes (Akasha Wellbeing), Skadi van Paasschen, Mercedes Parellada, Sijbrand Maal (DNY), Stadswild, Marieke de Lange, Svaha Yoga, Noëlle Sterk (Natural Yoga), Janneke van Amelsvoort, Suzan van de Roemer, Daphne Koken & Simon Rowe (DNY), Marlene Smits (Delight Yoga), Natasha Martin (Joyful Yoga) and Thrive Yoga. Special guests will include Sally Parkes from the UK and Mika de Brito from France.


Yoga is silence, but various daytime classes will definitely utilise music to help people get deeper into the lesson or to create extra energy. Furthermore, on Saturday night, there will be special musical sessions. The UK’s Sam Garrett will play his indie folk and Léah Kline, who has a jazz background, but is also a senior yoga teacher, will be accompanied by three musicians for the savasana concert. Active participatory singing will take place during the Kirtan lesson.

Saturday 6 June 2015, 9:00 – 23:00

Sunday 7 June 2015, 9:00 – 21:00


Erica Jago