July 19, 2024
233 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 6AB United Kingdom
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Yogafurie was founded ve years ago by lead instructor Ed Wood, who ditched the rat race and a job in IT to take up teaching hot yoga full time.

In January 2016, Ed opened a bespoke and environmentally friendly hot yoga studio in Bristol, and since then Yogafurie has gone on to become one of the leading specialist hot yoga and yoga studios in the South West and beyond. As part of this move, Yogafurie also expanded by creating a brand new teacher training division, called Yogafurie Academy, to help more people become teachers of yoga and, particularly, be introduced to teaching hot yoga.

While the main teaching of Yogafurie hot yoga and yoga is based on Vinyasa methods, the team has created a holistic approach that brings together some of the best practitioners in Bristol who now offer a range of yoga styles and Pilates classes.

The hot yoga is conducted in a room powered by a state-of-the-art, custom-made, eco-friendly hot yoga heater and humidi er and brings balance at 42°C, which is perfect for achieving extra stretch and also for burning calories. The ethos at Yogafurie is to combine the very latest in scientific insights

into biomechanical working and traditional yoga teachings and also to keep the sessions fresh by changing up the class content.

Ed has also kept the local community close to the heart of everything the studio does. This includes the fact that his daughter is one of the lead teachers, and also that they give back to local charities with a very special place for those organisations working with people dealing with addiction.

Yogafurie is also the only current stockist of Yoga Democracy leggings, which are made out of 100% recycled plastic, as well as a host of other products that give back to the earth.

The studio has grown into a positive force that has good energy at its very core, and that seeks to help people grow, become centered in, and thankful for all that today has to give.

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