portada-contraportada-2016.inddAs the holiday season and the end of the year approach, many of us are looking for special yoga gifts for our friends, yoga students, yoga teachers… or just for ourselves. How about a Yogagenda 2016?

Introspection and daily life routines come together in this unique publication which is at the same time a yearly planner, a yoga handbook and a journal. Its calendars allow you to plan your days and schedule your classes or other appointments while you draw on inspiration from its yoga writings and beautiful artwork; its journal pages provide further space for notes, drawing, journaling. Yogagenda 2016 is that special yoga gift.

Yogagenda serves yoga practitioners by helping them to plan their activities throughout the year. Its planner section has weekly, monthly, and yearly calendars with astral information on moon phases, solstices, equinoxes, and eclipses. This year, this section includes superfoods and superfoods recipes.


Yogagenda offers readers inspiration to deepen their practice with information on different yoga-related topics. Its handbook section contain a variety of beautifully illustrated yoga articles: on Sequencing for Home Practice, Meditation and Mindful Awareness, Conscious Breathing, Socially Conscious Yoga, Yantras and many others.

Plus a listing of international yoga festivals and celebrations, 12 illustrated Yin yoga asanas described in detail, a Sanskrit glossary, and a yoga session planner.

Yogagenda allows users to write notes, journal, sketch, draw, or whatever takes their fancy in its journal section, which is made up of plenty of blank pages distributed throughout the publication.


“Our journal is co-created with the help of yoga experts from different corners of the world. The result is a practical and dynamic publication that reflects the rich creativity and knowledge at the heart of the yoga community worldwide,” says the Yogagenda Team. Yogagenda has been available in English to yogis and yoginis worldwide since 2012. Starting this year, a Spanish edition of Yogagenda is available, with German to follow.

The new edition is printed on full color pages and bound as a traditional book (paperback), which makes it lighter and easier to carry around. Yogagenda 2016 is available for purchase at the publication’s website, with discounts of up to 40% and free shipping for wholesalers.

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