From a small studio in Chiswick to an open space at the top of the Gherkin, Yogamuni has blossomed rapidly. Created in 2011 by Dipa Trivedi, Yogamuni is about wellbeing, mindfulness and stress release techniques using breathing exercises, Yoga Pilates Rehabilitation, Hatha, power Ashtanga, Ayurveda and alignment based Slow Vinyasa Flow.
Yogamuni studios are about going back to the roots of yoga, finding peace. Right in the heart of the city, Yogamuni is a pop-up yoga, Pilates and meditation studio and has one of the most spectacular views of London, as it is located on the infamous 32nd floor of the Gherkin! The breathtaking landscape of Tower hill, the river Thames and 360-degree views of London combined with the impressive space that the floor offers, creates the most peaceful and special classes. The other pop up studio is situated in another vibrant part of the city, at the heart of Mayfair in Green Park. The space at Varana is a luminous ‘east meets west fashion brand’, allowing the most relaxing atmosphere for yoga classes. Yogamuni at Varana runs weekly classes and workshops focusing on restorative yoga, beauty, Ayurveda, and nutrition.

Dipa Trivedi is from Porbandar, birth place of Gandhi, she breathes yoga principles and lifestyle,
she wants to share her knowledge, wisdom and bring her eastern heritage to the city at its purest form. Everyone is welcome, and anyone can practise, that is her motto. Dipa Trivedi’s vision was to create a bigger space to make yoga accessible to teachers and students avid to learn the art of looking after oneself. Yogamuni’s promise includes experienced and open-minded teachers, varied classes for groups and 1-to-1, fun and exciting workshops as well as extraordinary locations around London. It is also about giving back, placing trained yoga instructors in state schools so that everyone can access the gift of yoga like she did for free. Yogamuni also offers osteopathy and physiotherapy for a more holistic approach as the combination offers a better care for all types of students.

Guerkin 30 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8EP
Varana 14 Dover St, Mayfair, London W1S 4LW
Instagram: @yogamunibydipa
PHOTOS BY Hugh foster

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