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I am a Liz Arch Primal Yoga® Flow and Solomon Yogalates teacher and I first heard about ‘Yogathon 4 Alzheimer’s’ through a One-to-One client of mine and without even looking into what or where it was I knew I wanted to be involved. I already support Alzheimer’s Research UK and combining the charity with what I love and teach sounded perfect.

A couple of years ago my beautiful Nan passed away; a lady that I looked up to and admired so much. I can’t explain how she affected people – her personality, her charm, her cheekiness instantly captured hearts of everyone around her but it was her kindness too. My Nan was so incredibly caring and completely selfless; even if you were upset or had endured a bad day you couldn’t help but smile and giggle when in her company.

PrintThe charity event I am running is a personal journey for me; it’s for my Nan.

It’s also for the Nan of the yogi to the left of me, for the Grandad of the guy on the right of me. It’s for all the Grandparents, Mothers, Fathers, Daughters, Sons and Friends who have suffered from Alzheimer’s and it is for the carers who look after them every day. For people like my Mum, my Dad and my Grandad who did everything for my Nan to make her smile, remember and be happy. It’s for people like my brothers who would race round to the house when my parents were in work to make sure my Nan was ok after a panicked phone call from my Grandad. For the kind neighbours who were keeping an eye on them and would nip round if we couldn’t get there quick enough.

From experiencing this first hand – this illness doesn’t just affect the person suffering with it – it affects the lives of everyone around them. It is a horrible illness and it quite literally steals the essence of everything you know and love about someone – it steals their memories. In some ways we were lucky – my Nan had Lewy Body Dementia and her memories would come and go so even though sometimes she didn’t remember my name, or confused me with one of her daughters; it wasn’t every time – she did still remember playing dominoes with me as a child (even if she didn’t remember how to play and cheated her way to winning when my sister-in-law and I were looking after her one night).

I wouldn’t wish this illness on anyone and would do anything to help find a cure.

For this reason, I am calling out to all the Yogis in and around Liverpool from beginners to advanced practitioners, from students to teachers, to the people who have thought about trying yoga or to the people who are caring for their loved ones with this illness and need a few hours break.

I am holding a ‘Yogathon 4 Alzheimer’s’ event at Camp and Furnace (67 Greenland Street, L1 0BY) on Sunday 28th June. 2-5.30pm. A minimum donation of £10.00 is required per class; (there are three different classes) you can attend 1, 2, or all three classes for hours of yoga fun with great teachers who are dedicated to making sure you have a great time on your mat. I would cry with joy if I could fill that space and raise money and awareness for Alzheimer’s Research UK – please, let’s start working on defeating dementia together. Goodie bags are also included with Vita Coco hydrating our yogis and Yoga Magazine. There is a raffle too with great prices from companies, like Yoga Mad, OMbar, Asquith London, Affirmats Yoga Mats, and Yogi Tea.

Like Keri Lincoln – True Yogalates on Facebook and join the event listed on their ‘Yogathon4Alzheimers Liverpool’ or email [email protected] for more information.

Check out to find out more about the London event too on the 21st June.

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