Yogi Dr Malik


Hi Yogi Dr Malik

A few hours after eating. my stomach always feels bloated. Can you recommend any yoga techniques to help with my digestion? Leandri

Hi Leandri,

It could be you are just overeating and/or eating the wrong foods. Incorporate a standard yoga exercise at least once a week to help you combat such conditions, because you will be stretching and ending. your stomach muscles will receive a natural inner massage. This in turn will help your muscles and the like. I Suggest that you join a yoga class and make yoga a serious part of your lifestyle as a one-off exercise is not a quick fix solution.


Dear Yogi Dr Malik,

I’ve been thinking of becoming a vegetarian for a long time and I was inspired after reading last month’s article on Vigenary. have tried to stop eating meat before and failed. Im serious about my Yoga, but am I wrong to eat meat when it goes against the first of the yamas, Ahimsa -not harming other living beings? Pete

Hi Pete This is controversial and there is never an easy way around this All I cam suggest is that you continue with your yoga exercise and lifestyle for now (even if you are finding it difficult to give up meat eating). Indeed as time progresses the natural inclination of the body and mind to eat meat will decline as you move deeper into your practice There are many people including yoga teachers hat eat meat and practice yoga who are not aspiring to enlightenment but are choosing to practice to maintain their health and fitness for many other reasons. Don t worry too much  just be. its better to do some yoga and be a meat eater than do none at all


Hi Dr Malik

I work in an office and sometimes I’m sat down for hours at a time. Can you recommend any poses, exercises or stretching I can do while Tm at my desk ? Stephen

Here are plenty of exercises that you can do sitting at your desk. Seated Tadasana is a good one, as are as side stretches and gently s of books and DVDs out that you can practice from however, I would ask you to seriously consider investing some quality time in practicing yoga or at least 15 minutes a day at home or even somewhere in the office on your lunch break away from your desk. so you can practice standing and lying exercises and not just sat in your chair. This will hrlp refresh you and indeed boost your productivity. Try it and see for yourself.


HI Dr Malik,

I don’t go to class that often now days but I never miss the magazine! I’ve got really tight hamstrings. What are the best poses to try? Mo

Hi Mo,

Before you jump into yoga exercises l suggest you visit your GP who can eliminate any possibilities that you may have a longstanding injury If you have the all clear, i recommend practicing Uttanasana Standing Forward Bend) an excellent pose to help looser the hamstrings. If you cant achieve the full pose then modify the pose by using bolsters or by practicing against a chair. Ensure you warm up before attempting the pose. Regular massage is another option for Right hamstrings. In the long term though, it’s better to find at leasi0 to 15-minutes a day when you can practice yoga at home his will be an excellent investment in your health and will significantly improve the quality of your lifestyle in the future.

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