Yogi2Me is the first on demand yoga services offering yoga and wellness experiences directly to people’s home, office or local park. The genesis for Yogi2Me was the realisation that yoga beginners and newbies were often intimidated to start their practice in the group settings of yoga studios.

The journey started when Sarah Drai, ex-city banker turned yoga teacher, realised that yoga should be made more accessible to people. Now anyone in London can access a leading pool of experienced yoga teachers and book them at home at their own convenience. Through the Yogi2Me App, users can choose, with just a few taps, a teacher to practise Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Pregnancy yoga or even book a teacher for kids’ yoga!

There is also a beginner’s category where users can request a postural assessment and receive a tailored plan to develop their practice. It is also easy to get a hold of our concierge line where people can discuss their specific needs and get help on the best way to start their yoga journey or deepen their yoga practice.

The key attribute of Yogi2Me is the quality of its yoga instructors and wellness therapists. The teachers are handpicked based on their level of experience, teaching abilities and personalities. Recently, Yogi2Me has launched a set of wellness experiences that are rooted in yoga traditions including Thai Yoga Massage, Gong Bath Sound Healing or Meditation.

“This is one of the most exciting aspects of Yogi2Me”, says Sarah. “We create tailored experiences for businesses and individuals to introduce mindfulness into their lives. We have many clients who tried yoga for the first time and come back as repeat clients. The reason being it is easy to book and we have the best quality teacher pool to choose from in London!”

Prices starting at £60.

Check the Yogi2Me website available at www.yogi2me.com or download the IOS app from the apple store. Use promo code YogaMag for 25% off your first 60 minutes’ session (valid until 30/11/18)

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