York Yoga Studio

York has many treasures and many beautiful buildings, but there is only one York Yoga Studio. The classic Victorian building has been utterly transformed into a space of light and air and is the much loved home of yoga in York.
Owner and teacher Laurie Prime has dedicated the studio to providing an eclectic range of mind body practices. As she explains, “It is often said that truth is one and paths are many – and I wanted to create a wonderful place where everyone could find the right path for themselves.”

And so the studio offers classes to suit all ages and all levels of ability. Of course the main offering is yoga, with lots of styles represented – Hatha, Iyengar, Sivananda and Ashtanga, but there are an impressive range of alternative classes including Tai Chi, Pilates, Nia Dance, and Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement. And, the studio offers Pregnancy Yoga and Mother and Baby classes, so yoga starts young at York Yoga Studio!

York Yoga Studio image

Laurie believes that everyone benefits from some form of movement and awareness based practice, but as we are all individuals, the same path won’t necessarily be right for everyone. At York Yoga Studio, you are encouraged to drop in and try different things until you find the practice that is right for you. Flexible pricing makes this sort of experimentation easy, as do daytime, evening, and weekend classes.

The Studio is also home to a number of excellent holistic therapists – sports and holistic massage, Reiki and Shiatsu – and is building a reputation for hosting charismatic guest teachers and offering innovative workshops – the recent Yoga Beats – Vinyasa Flow yoga with live music – and upcoming Yoga Myths and Stories sessions are just two examples of the Studio’s work to extend the yoga practice beyond the physical to include music, history, philosophy and culture.

No matter what your age, interests or abilities are, there is something perfect for you at York Yoga Studio.

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