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We have two studios, one for our yoga classes and another for our barre and low impact classes. The space is specifically designed to take your headspace away from the city hustle to a place of Zen, instantaneously. Our yoga classes are taught in a beautifully immersive and cinematic studio with high spec surround sound and visual display. Our floor-to-ceiling screen plays footage of landscapes from around the world. During the class you’ll be travelling to places like Hawaii, Yosemite, Patagonia, The Granites Beach in Australia or New Zealand’s beautiful South Island. 

We have taken yoga and meditation back to basics in a bid to increase the accessibility to London city folk who may have previously been put off by the spiritual element of the practice. Our founder, Charlotte Cox, says, “We take the quality of our teaching very seriously. We have hand-selected each of our talented teachers, and each of them has a style and language that is accessible to anyone, including beginners.” Our instructors are also usually supported by assistants, who are dedicated to adjusting the postures of participants, ensuring correct alignment and muscle activation. 

Our creative flows are accompanied by curated playlists, leaving clients feeling the perfect mix of Zen and energised after class. We run classes lasting either 45 minutes or 75minutes to cater for both the time-poor and the avid practitioners who require longer classes to develop and deepen their practice. 

Our Barre classes are taught by London’s finest instructors from dance and ballet backgrounds and our Low Impact classes utilise TRX trainers, free weights and body weight as resistance tools to strengthen and tone targeted groups of muscles. Cox explains the need for complementary disciplines to achieve optimum strength and flexibility: “We see visitors who tend to plateau in their yoga practice, and struggle to build the strength required for certain postures. Complementary strength training can really help you to take it to the next level and enhance your practice.” 

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