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An Autobiography of Trauma: A Healing Journey

Peter A. Levine, PhD

In this book, Dr. Peter A. Levine offers a compelling account of his healing journey from severe childhood trauma, detailing the development of his pioneering trauma healing method, Somatic Experiencing (SE). This memoir provides profound insights into the personal and professional evolution that led to the creation of SE. Dr. Levine’s narrative is enriched by the mysterious dreams that influenced his work and the breakthroughs that shaped SE.

Endorsed by luminaries such as Jack Kornfield and Bessel van der Kolk, the book underscores the growing relevance of somatic therapy. Levine’s integration of science, psychology, and spirituality marks this memoir as a significant contribution to trauma healing literature. At 140 pages, it is a succinct yet powerful read for anyone interested in the transformative potential of body-oriented therapy.

Available from innertraditions.com at $13.29 (reduced from $18.99)

Ageing Gracefully: A Holistic Guide to Later Life

Elisabeth Brooke

Elisabeth Brooke’s “Ageing Gracefully” is an invaluable guide for those looking to embrace ‑‑traditional herbal lore, Brooke offers a comprehensive approach to staying well.

The book is neatly divided into two parts: Part One covers fundamental health principles relevant at any age, with a focus on older adults, addressing topics such as nourishment, rest, exercise, mental well-being, and even death and dying. Part Two provides practical advice, featuring a detailed herbal Materia Medica and Brooke’s favourite recipes for herbal remedies. With decades of experience as a medical herbalist and counsellor, Brooke’s insights are both credible and practical. This 150-page paperback is a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking to age with grace and vitality.

Available from aeonbooks.co.uk at £18.99

The Centered Heart: Evidence- Based, Mind-Body Practices to Stress Less and Improve Cardiac Health

Susi Amendola

This is a timely and invaluable resource for anyone seeking to manage stress and enhance cardiac health. With over three- quarters of adults reporting increased stress and 75-90% of doctor visits being stress-related, this book addresses a critical need. As a Yoga Therapist and Stress Management Specialist with decades of experience, Amendola shares practical, evidence-based practices to rebuild nervous system resilience, calm the mind, and centre the heart.

Amendola’s comprehensive approach integrates yoga and Ayurveda, demonstrating their effectiveness in treating heart disease and other chronic illnesses. The book has received high praise from experts like Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Amy Rothenberg for its actionable insights and empowering guidance. “The Centered Heart” is a must-read for anyone aiming to improve their health and wellbeing through holistic practices.

Available form Amazon.com

Raise Your SQ

Annie Ridout

This book is a must-read for anyone seeking a better work-life balance and relief from burnout. Ridout, a successful author and coach, shares her journey of enhancing her spiritual intelligence (SQ) through daily practices, leading to transformative results in all aspects of her life.

The book offers practical lessons and exercises that promise to help you build your dream life in just seven days. Ridout’s use of SQ enabled her to create a six-figure business while maintaining flexible hours and abundant energy for her personal life. Drawing inspiration from thought leaders like Oprah Winfrey and Steve Jobs, Ridout’s approach is both inspiring and practical. “Raise Your SQ” is a powerful guide to unlocking your true potential and finding everyday magic. Highly recommended!

Published by Radar; available at www.octopusbooks.co.uk at £10.99

PMD Clean Pro RQ Facial Cleansing Device

This device is a beauty award-winner for good reason. This multifunctional tool features a heated rose quartz stone for lymphatic drainage and enhanced skincare absorption, turning everyday routines into spa-like experiences. Ideal for a 10-minute self-care ritual, it helps achieve a glowing complexion effortlessly.

The device cleanses, firms, and tones the skin, with ActiveWarmth™ heat therapy and rose quartz enhancing absorption, reducing tension, and inflammation. Users report significant benefits: 91% saw diminished blackheads, 77% fewer blemishes, and 69% experienced fewer breakouts. Additionally, 88% noticed reduced pore appearance, and 91% found their skin brighter. The PMD Clean Pro RQ is a versatile, transformative tool that goes beyond beauty.

Available from uk.pmdbeauty.com

SENTIA: A Drink Beyond the Ordinary

SENTIA: A Drink Beyond the Ordinary redefines the drinking experience with its groundbreaking status as the world’s first GABA Spirit. Developed by British neuro-psycho pharmacologist Prof. Nutt and a team of scientists and botanists, this functional drink is designed to create memorable moments. Its rich blend of botanical ingredients, including cinnamon, vanilla, and ginger, offers a unique and delightful taste. SENTIA is perfect for fostering connections and bringing people together, whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in a creative cocktail. This sophisticated spirit is more than just a beverage—it’s an experience crafted to enhance social interactions and create lasting memories. Elevate your gatherings with SENTIA, a drink that truly goes beyond the ordinary.

Sentia BLACK and RED 50ml (RRP: £54) –https://sentiaspirits. com/products/sentia-red-50cl-black-50cl

Sea Moss Gel

Sea Moss, scientifically known as Chondrus Crispus, is a powerhouse superfood with a host of health benefits. Myla’s Moss is 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, and harmful chemicals or preservatives free and is sourced from nutrient- rich St. Lucia. This gel contains 90% Wildcrafted Sea Moss, 10% Filtered Alkaline Water, and a dash of lime juice.

Packed with essential minerals, Sea Moss supports various health aspects. It aids digestion with high dietary fibre, boosts metabolism and thyroid function due to its iodine content, and improves heart health. Its rich iron content combats anaemia, while its anti-inflammatory properties ease joint pain and skin conditions like eczema. Sea Moss also promotes immune function, mental well-being, and faster muscle recovery.

Popular on TikTok and endorsed by celebrities like Bella Hadid, Sea Moss is versatile and nearly tasteless, making it easy to incorporate into salads, smoothies, and soups. Enjoy 2 tablespoons daily for optimal benefits.

Link to buy: mylasmoss.com

RRP: 720ml – £25 (24-25 servings); RRP: 340ml – £15 (11-12 servings),

One Sold Every FOUR Minutes… Meet Your Sleep Hero for a Better Night’s Sleep

Tisserand Aromatherapy’s Pillow Mist

Discover the secret to restful nights with Tisserand Aromatherapy’s Sleep Better Pillow Mist. This bestselling hero product promises 60 nights of tranquil sleep, selling one bottle every four minutes. Crafted from a blend of 100% natural essential oils, including soothing Lavender, warming Sandalwood, and calming Jasmine, this gentle mist creates a serene ambiance to promote relaxation. Its convenient spray bottle design makes it effortless to use—simply mist around your body, pillow, and bed linen to envelop yourself in the soothing aroma. Join the countless individuals who’ve experienced the transformative power of Tisserand Aromatherapy and elevate your bedtime ritual for a better night’s sleep.

Stay one step ahead of hay fever with Hay-band!

Utilising ancient Chinese acupressure principles, hay-band targets the LI-11 point on either arm, alleviating hay fever symptoms. This family favourite is easy to use—simply position the band so the button faces inward over the pressure point. The band works by increasing the flow of natural energy, unblocking pathways to the nose and throat, and promoting overall wellbeing.

Fast-acting and discreet, it can be worn on one or both arms for severe symptoms. Suitable for adults and children over three, hay-band offers a drug-free, natural alternative without causing drowsiness or other side effects. Note: not for use during pregnancy. Embrace this natural, side-effect- free solution and breathe easier.

Available from hay-band.co.uk at £13.09 per (washable) band

NEW from A.Vogel – Sleep Well Dissolvable Granules

SLEEP WELL AND WAKE FRESH with A.Vogel’s Sleep Well Dissolvable Granules, a natural plant-based remedy developed to help people regain their natural sleep rhythm.

These Granules offer a natural, plant-based remedy to help restore your natural sleep rhythm. In the UK, over a third of adults and more than half of young people struggle with sleep. This vegan product addresses these issues by combining lettuce extract, lemon balm, L-tryptophan, and magnesium. Lettuce extract enhances sleep duration and quality, while lemon balm promotes restful sleep. L-tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin and melatonin, supports the sleep-wake cycle, and magnesium aids in normal psychological function.

Flavoured with bitter orange, these granules are non-addictive and fast-acting, ensuring a calm, restful sleep without morning grogginess. Simply dissolve one sachet in your mouth 30 minutes before bedtime. Suitable for long-term use and children aged 12 and up, Achieve a better night’s sleep naturally with A.Vogel’s Sleep Well Granules.

Available from www.avogel.co.uk at £15.99 for 14 sachets

Elevate Your Energy with NAD Max

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining high energy levels is crucial for peak performance and well-being. This is a revolutionary supplement designed to boost energy, metabolic health, and focus. Featuring a powerful blend of NMN, Apigenin, and EGCG, NAD Max optimises NAD+ levels—a coenzyme essential for cellular energy production. Unlike caffeinated stimulants, this formula provides long- lasting energy without the dreaded crash. It supports mitochondrial function and promotes efficient recycling of NAD+ within cells, ensuring sustained energy throughout the day.

Youth & Earth’s commitment to purity means NAD Max is free from fillers and artificial ingredients, offering a reliable and clean energy boost. For those seeking peak performance and well-being in a fast- paced world, NAD Max is an exceptional choice for enhancing energy at the cellular level.

Available at youthandearth.com | 60 x 460mg Capsules for £44.99

Linwoods Flaxseed & Shelled Hemp Variety Bundle (6 x 200g Packs)

This Bundle is a powerhouse of nutrition, perfect for anyone looking to enhance their diet with top- quality, nutrient-rich ingredients. This carefully curated bundle includes six unique blends, each offering a distinct taste profile to diversify your meals. From the rich, nutty flavour of shelled hemp to the wholesome goodness of flaxseed combined with sunflower, pumpkin, and chia seeds, every pack promises a delightful and health-boosting addition to your breakfast or snacks. The inclusion of superfoods like Goji berries, almonds, and Co-Enzyme Q10 further elevates the nutritional value. Ideal for health enthusiasts, this 6 x 200g pack bundle is a fantastic way to unlock the benefits of nature in every meal.

Available from linwoodshealthfoods.com at £ 21.99 £ 26.94

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