Morning Rituals

The magic of the morning  is very simple   It’s the first energy you connect with and it’s almost child  like. It’s got an innocent, playful quality and the more you are able to tap into this the easier your day will flow. It’s like putting down the foundation stone for the rest of your day  ahead. So whether you’re a rock star yogi morning person,  or looking for a little inspiration, I’ve put together a few key steps here that will all make sure you not only wake up and go, but that your mornings become so deliciously enjoyable that you are able to ‘stay in flow’.

1: Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier

The extra 15 minutes sleep won’t make you feel less tired.  However 15 minutes of extra ‘YOU’ time will start your day o! in a feeling of abundance and by that you are telling yourself and the universe ‘I am worthy of my time! I delicate time just  for me, as my wellbeing is just as important as everyone else’s’.

2: Have breakfast slowly

I truly believe we do have to break the fast we did over night and nourish our bodies for the day ahead. Your mind may know that not much is asked of you in terms of physical activity today, however our bodies are still  super primal and the minute you leave your house it will be looking out for dangers, so make sure it starts out in a way that makes you feel looked after and cared for. Take your time preparing and eating your breakfast.  Experiment with creating something super yummie and notice how you will look  forward to getting up in the morning! Make a smoothie, juice or proper full English breakfast – whatever you fancy! The main thing is that by enjoying a well-attended and intended morning meal you immediately put your body (and your most thankful nervous system) into a state of feeling safe. It is safe to be me.

3: Move your body and centre your awareness

As we wake up after many hours of stillness the body may feel sluggish and down in energy and the mind may still be half in dreamland. So start to get your prana (life force) going by doing some light movement whatever you like, be it yoga, dancing to your favourite music, singing, skipping or whatever gets your heart going and keeps your lips smiling.

4: Get fresh air and daylight

Especially for those of us living in a big city where   most offces don’t have windows that can open which means we are literally breathing in air that’s been circulated several times before it even hits our lungs! It is so important to get fresh air! Think about it: the first thing we do as we enter into this earth life is we inhale, and the last thing we do as
we leave this body is we exhale. Without breath we are not able to live! We can live for weeks without  food, days without water but we cannot live, not even for one hour without breath! The more we take conscious deep breaths the more we basically feed our cells and our nervous system with fresh new energy allowing our minds to clear and our bodies to detoxify! Daylight is important, not only to top up our vitamin D doses, but also because we are constantly and intimately connected to our surroundings. Nature has an incredibly healing effect on our mind, body and soul.Have a look at this Japanese research showing just how important it is to take walks in nature. 

An easy way to make sure you get enough daylight is to walk to work, or at least part of your way to and from work. In this way you are getting your dose of good fresh air and daylight before the day has even really begun, and anything extra you may get during your day is an added bonus. Plus you may be able to reduce your gym membership as
you’re upping your daily step mileage.

5: See(s) your day

As you go about your morning rituals such as getting a shower and dressed etc. run a quick internal video of your day ahead and see yourself enjoying accomplishing every single task you have set yourself. For example, arriving early and relaxed, having a innovative and positive talk with your colleagues, spending time connecting to yourself by taking a walk or doing a little meditation during your lunch break, enjoying your lunch, feeling inspired during your afternoon meeting, leaving work with a sense of fulfilment
and purpose knowing you have done your very best and that this is always more than enough; walking part of the way home to enjoy more fresh air and have a little ‘you time’ before engaging with your friends family or partner, spending your evening in a wonderful tranquil manner and going to bed feeling loved and safe.

Most importantly create sacred rituals that bring you a sensation of feeling amazing, of feeling loved, safe and abundant. It doesn’t matter if your rituals are totally different from mine or anyone else’s! What matters is that they uplift you and that you stay true to them by dedicating time and love for them to do their magic.

In a world where most people have forgotten the importance and the healing effects of ceremonies  and celebrations tune in and connect back to you.




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